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Publicēts: 18.04.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Because of growing competition between restaurants, it is not surprising to see restaurant owners paying more attention to growing trends in restaurant industry. Restaurants that follow even the most minute trends could see a change in their market share and survivability.
Trend 1:Take-out meals in restaurants
The money spent at foodservice establishments increases compared with money spent on in-home meals. However, this doesn’t mean that fewer meals will be eaten at home. On the contrary, the number of meals will not change, but large number of full service restaurants will offer so called take out meals.
Trend 2: „Gastro bistro” idea in France
'Gastro bistros’ concept is simple: serve up Michelin star-worthy food at affordable prices and in a warm bistro atmosphere where one is not afraid to speak above a whisper.
Trend 3: Healthy food and atmosphere
More and more people will pay attention to their health. Whether eating at home or out, consumers are starting to demand healthy alternatives to the usual menu fair. People now take into account more than ever the amount of calories, fat, and sodium consumed. Other popular concerns include all fresh and natural ingredients and use of organic produce.
The freshest ingredients are coupled with simple, uncomplicated preparations. This trend is so hot that many chefs have redesigned their kitchens, bringing prep areas out to their guests. In these exhibition kitchens, guests can select the freshest ingredients, in some cases straight from the chef's kitchen garden.
And non-smoking restaurants and restaurants for allergenic people will be popular.

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