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Publicēts: 29.01.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
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1.Erich Fromm
He based his theory of personality on interpersonal relationships set in a historical context.
He take his fundamental ideas from Karl Marx and as well as from Freud.
According to Fromm we must instead utilizē freedom ulfilling our human nature by uniting with others in an eqalitarian spirti of love and shared work.
In Fromm’s view the conditions of human existence producē five basic needs:
1.A need from relatedness, which arises from the fact that in becoming human we were torn from the animal’s primary union with nature
2.A need for transcendence or an urge to overcome animal nature and to become creative
3.A need for rootedness or for a sense of belonging to the human family
4.A need for personal identity or for being distinctive and unique
5.A need for a frame of reference or a stabile and consistent world.
Fromm believed that the ways in which these needs Express themselves are determined by society which can change
Fromm point out that it is essential that children’s characters be shaped to fit the needs of that society.…

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