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Publicēts: 06.01.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

The basic target market for a “Jussi Bar” is the local people. Mainly they are older than 25 years, because the young people of Viimsi region prefers to go downtown and sit in the city’s bars. Significant part of whole target market plays pensioners, already retired people and families who live in this area. Usually the families who has car go to the city centre, but the rest usually take bus, or if it is not comfortable, they go to the local places. The certain target market of this bar lives just near to it. People who lives by the Concordia University prefers to go to “Savannah” or the “Boat” bar near the seaside, because it is closer to them. Around the “Jussi Bar”, there are many private houses, but probably there are some people who have never been to this bar, so these are the potential customers who can be attached by more active promoting in their living area. In addition, potential customers can be the students from Concordia University – the issue of this possibility is more described in Marketing Mix section. For more reach in the senior citizen segment, “Jussi Bar” should make an advertisement in local radios, as they are very popular among the older people. The “Jussi Bar” itself should make a survey and find out who their target market is and who could be the potential market. They should find out are there more families in this region or more single people, and what is their average income? As we suppose there are old people living in this area, so they basically have the pension and are aged from 50 until older. It means that the higher price strategy for bar will not be the best. Older people can not afford high prices, but they still want to entertain, so if there would be a live band playing at the bar, probably the married seniors would go there for a dance and chat with their neighbours and spend a little of money. There are almost equal amount of females and males in this area. The secondary target market is the people from the centre, wealthy people, who go to the quiet seaside on weekends. As they do not drive there every single day, they are only partly a target audience, so that is why they should be attracted. As mainly richer people live in the centre, they do not really care about the prices. With this, we mean that 10 or 15 EEK for a glass of “Coca-Cola” will not be an emergency question. Moreover, if “Jussi Bar” in future will have an advertising signs during the way to Viimsi they are likely to get city people as their customers as well. For more information about how to attract people, “Jussi Bar” should listen to the local residents. As they are the ones who live in this area; and thus managers of this bar can learn more about what they expect or what they would love to eat in such a place, and what would be the reasons why they could become a serious target market of this bar. The population in this area is not quite much, so there will not be any crucial reason why not these all people could become customers. …

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