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Publicēts: 11.01.2007.
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Despite the rugged nature of much of the country, the New Zealand transport system is well established and of a high standard. Early reservations are advisable to avoid disappointment, especially during public and school holiday times and most especially in summer (December - February).
Air Services
The main domestic airlines are Air New Zealand and Qantas which fly between cities and resort areas. Numerous commuter airlines service other towns and outlying areas. The South Pacific Airpass of Air New Zealand has different fares depending on the number of sectors flown. These passes must be purchased overseas.
Interisland Ferry Services
Modern ferries crossing Cook Strait link Wellington in the North Island and Picton (Marlborough) in the South Island. Both the Interislander service (0800 802 802) and Bluebridge service (0800 844 844) are available, taking a little over three hours, operating daily in both directions. Up to three sailings per day. Both passengers and vehicles (cars, caravans, motorhomes etc) may be transported. Interislander also runs the faster Lynx catamaran which carries both passengers and vehicles and crosses between Wellington and Picton in 135 minutes each way. For information and reservations call freephone numbers above.
Bus and Coach Services
Daily scheduled passenger services are available throughout the country. InterCity Coachlines operates the largest network in both islands connecting more than 1100 cities, towns and communities, while Newmans Coach Lines operate services throughout New Zealand. Discounts are available with all operators for Youth Hostel members and VIP Card holders.
Rail Services

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