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Publicēts: 09.09.2010.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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1)Medieval Europe:politics and economics
Actually the first thing that should mentioned is that word Europe or Latin to describe geografical location or cultural enity was only seldom used,even rarely.The common word that was used in these times was Christendom,the territory of Europe was everywhere where Latin Christinans-Roman Catholics dominated in the political and geographical aspects.Concerning geographical space,people meant such a countries as:today`s IcelandScandinavia,the British Isles,France,most of the Spain and Portugal,allo of the Italy,the Low countires,Germany,Austria,Poland,Hungary,Bohemia,Moravia,Slovakia, and Croatia.So,in this are total power came from Roman catholic Christians,number of Jews was symbolic ,as well aas Muslim population became to enshort.,so they were minorities,and power of Muslims was not so strong.Pagans were also defeated in the Northeast,today`s Finland,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania by Catholic Christians,but still there were existing some problems,concerning invasion of Lithuania,Lithuania appeared to be a very powerful nation,which was ready and able to fight Christians,so their resistance was spectacular,but still in 1387 the diplomatic compromise was maintained,and this happened not because of any military defeat,Lithuania got the throne of Catholic Poland in these negotiations.Actually in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,scholars statrted to study seriously the medieval ages,of course they were interested in the how the balance of power was maintained among th states,where were actual real and natural borders?Or it is actually necessary only one religion ,language and traditions in order to constitute a nation,so seeking all this,they discovered such a term as „feudalism”,actually that helped them to understand how kingdoms worked,how great rules build the hierarchal system of government,so the rules domesticated feudalism,and that`s was a system under a powerful king.

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