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Publicēts: 11.11.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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In 27 April 2010 draft budget for the year 2011 was adopted by the Commission. The total of draft budget is €142.6bn, which means that EU budget most likely will be bigger in 2011 if compared to 2010. The size of budget is not only change – there are some more, for example sustainable growth will get +3.4% funding. Administration will spend almost five percent more; also “EU in the world” post will see increase. Total for growth in 2011 is about €55bn which means there is about 15% increase if compared to actual year (2010). If everything will go smooth 2011 budget will be adopted in November 2010.
To conclude I will say that European Union’s budget is very useful because it helps the existence of the European Union. Also a wide range of activities are funded in the Member States from the budget. Structural changes improve competitiveness in newcomer countries and lead us as the union to a better life. Actual and draft budget for the next years helps us to deal with economic recession which has hit Latvia very. Still, the problem of equity remains – we cannot say that the financing and expenditure system of the EU is fair. In this case changes in the way how it is decided how much Member States pay to European Union and how much they get back would help to make the budget fairer. Opposite opinion is that all member states should continue to receive some structural funding because it helps to harmonize the level of living in European countries. The best solution is as always somewhere between – to be in balance.

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