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Publicēts: 17.04.2012.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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For about 10 centuries, Europe has echoed mainly 2 of the strains in Arab love – the idealization of women and the interflow of 2 lovers’ souls which none can satisfy the longings of those whose ambition is to understand their partners as they are, continue to exist independent. Idealization seemed to be a great answer to the impermanence of affection, and fusion offered a romantic solution for loneliness; in both cases love was used as a remedy, because there were sin, guilt, shame which troubled to reach perfection. It worked no worse and no better as other folkloric medicines. However after all passion experiments it still remains evaporable, but loneliness continues to expand.
The choice for Mandarine, is seeking an alternative to her parents idea of love not limited to the ‘’romantic’’. The sociologists for educated girls like her can’t find more appropriate word to express their longing to escape from cynicism, satisfaction, more than a balanced life occasionally seasoned with a spicy, erotic addition. Despite they want to make life more beautiful and say that love is one of arts, they are not interested in reproduction of art. It is not enough to know the realities of the past is not enough. They would like to invent a new art of love and it is possible to do so.
However, every invention needs new ingredients or mixing at least some old ones. The most time common belief yet useless is that couples have no one to replay on except themselves which is as groundless as belief that modern society turns individuals to loneliness. Now when both sexes are educated together, forming friendships at schools what didn’t exist, love can assume other shapes as possibilities of other passions.

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