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Publicēts: 23.09.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Negotiation Process will take place in the conference room of our headquarters.
VII.Crisis Management
In the case that barriers rise in reaching an agreement we will try to help the other party to make concession without losing its face and inform them of the potential results of failure to reach a negotiating solution.
As already mentioned above, our "back up" plan, is that in the case that Yvonni Store perceive our primary proposal - of paying off all of each debts - weak or unfair, we are willing to reconsider our proposal, and offer an additional amount of money, only for the Athens outlets that we consider being the most important. The debts are so high that no other counteroffer will be accepted from us.
Yvonni is expecting to find a major financial supporter to their high liabilities that will allow them to keep business going under the current situation, while holding their brand name. However this does not meet Hondos' expectations, which include, apart from paying off Yvonni's debts, future expansion of the 10 outlets under their own brand name.
A series of training programs and seminars seems to be necessary since our well experienced personnel will improve Yvonni's employees working level and together will work in a combined effort to reach Hondos Center's high standards.
IX.Agreement, concessions, settlement or open space for renegotiation
Since we are willing to make additional offers, as mentioned above, in order to reach an agreement, we leave an open space for renegotiation as we have reasons to believe that Yvonni Stores will finally understand our perspective and accept our offer.
So even if renegotiations take place we believe that we will reach an agreement with Yvonni stores, which will be extremely profitable for our firm in the future.

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