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Publicēts: 25.09.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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"Before 1960, reminiscence was seen as a symptom or cause of mental deterioration and was actively discouraged by carers of older people" (Buchanan & Middleton, 1994). However in recent years the value of reminiscence has begun to be understood.
In this essay I will be looking at how Reminiscence therapy affects the elderly. Firstly I will talk about reminiscence and explain in brief what it is. Then, by using the literature, I will explore what preparations would need to be made to run a reminiscence session and what skills would be required. Using relevant course materials and information I shall explain the advantages and possible difficulties of doing reminiscence work in a day centre.
Reminiscence, as a structured process of recalling memories, is considered an effective nursing intervention for various groups of people, particularly, but not exclusively, the elderly (Jonsdottir, 2001). It is an activity which is perceived as a normal and ordinary aspect of everyday life; for example, when someone is reminded of their past experiences, whether it is during a school reunion, or perhaps when a young child is helping their grandmother to spring clean and they stumble across some old photographs. …

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