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Unite One which Is Bussines at Work
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Publicēts: 30.04.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Looking back at the Objectives and Performance Indicators specified in the analysis, the following have been achieved form this Project: -
1.Trails showed that it did not take me long to start my report ones I had the right information from the manager of TNT Transport the information was given to me from the manager at the call centre at Lancashire it was very hard to get the information but I got it in the end because the manger at the call centre was my next do neighbor so he trusted me to use the information for my use only.
2.When I had all the right information I planed out how I was going to do the report this was also helped me out because my class teacher gave us notes on all of the information which I could use and needed to do my report on it was really hard to get in to the swings of writing a report but once I had done it was easy.
3.After the information was collected of the company that I did my report on I had to go on TNT's web site and get some information from them because the manger did not have enough time to give me all the information that I required but it was a good thing that TNT had the web sit so I got the information from their I also went to the company house web-sit to check if the company TNT is a (LTD) or a (PLC) this was really important to no about the company..
4.The documentation had to include the following things bellow: -
*An Introduction on the company it's self and to the overall unit.

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