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This Paper Is a Analysis of the Case "Scott Trucks"
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Publicēts: 23.06.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The immediate focus for Sull is learning to interact with McG effectively. By using these tactics Sull has a greater chance of attaining McG's buy-in to allow the engineering team more autonomy. Subsequently this will make the engineering department a more enjoyable work environment. With increased satisfaction, productivity is sure to increase as well. In the end, attracting and keeping good employees will be easier and St will better be able to handle their current growth.
With enhanced communication and understanding McG and Sull will be able to focus on changing the systems at ST. Long term they will need to consider altering the technological design and layout of the office to increase communication and support cohesiveness with the various departments. Alternatively, if Sull cannot work in unison with McG's ways, he is best to move on to a company with a culture that is better suited to his leadership style.

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