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The Threat from Weapons of Mass Destruction to the United States
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Publicēts: 06.01.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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These threats can be solved in more than one way. One method the United States could use to counter the nuclear threat from other countries would be to keep enough missiles to deter that country from attacking the United States. The deterrence theory is known as MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). This theory states that if one country launches nuclear missiles at another country that has nuclear missiles the attacking country could be completely destroyed along with the country it is attacking because of its counter attack, which is obviously an unacceptable scenario.
Another method that could be used to prevent a nuclear attack from another country is nuclear nonproliferation. Nuclear nonproliferation is an official agreement to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. To counter the threat from terrorists the United States could create a special agency that's sole mission is to seek out terrorist cells and eliminate them in any way possible.
A way to keep anti-United States countries and terrorists from buying nuclear and chemical weapons from Russia would be to out buy them. After buying these WMD's the United States should then destroy them. This may be expensive but it is a good investment to keep America safe
Although there are many countries and terrorist organizations that are enemies of the United States each weapon they have can be countered. Each threat has a variety of possible solutions and the United States has the capability to counter them. The United States will stand strong against its enemies and remains strong enough to defeat all threats, foreign and domestic.

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