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  • The Role of International Business in Today’s World


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Publicēts: 02.06.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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With international business we understand goods and services which are flowing from country to country without borders. Thing which have been created in east, after some time have been innovated in west. International business is a part of our life.

AUTARKY There are two main trade strategies, which characterize the way how coyntries realize their politic of economics regarding to international business. One of these strategies are autarky, which means that country can equip itself with all resources which are needed for living and producing goods, avoiding interconection wirh other countries. At all autarky is very diadvantageous strategy for countries, because its too expensive to produce all components in one country. To sucsessfully compete in trade market, you should specialize in one field, because it too expensive to get leader positions in all fields.It can broke economy. Usually countries cant have all necessary resources, thats why international business is so important.

POSITIVE FACTORS With a help of international market, companies can develop their business. To get new markets and customers for companies meen, that they should all the time be in non-stop development; to improve quality or service, to create new products and work with advertisement. If company is going to concurate in new market abroud, at first they should explore potentional market and client needs. It let to find out and learn more about foreign countries, their culture and way how to make a business with them.People get more knowlegde.

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