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Publicēts: 11.01.2004.
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A new land reform?
As a result of all these pressures, a major rethink about how land ownership benefit is shared and how land use is controlled has begun at all levels of government:
The All Party Committee on the Constitution has announced a major review of the provision on private property in the Constitution.
Martin Cullen, The Minister for the Department of Environment and Local Government, has announced a study of alternative means of financing local government.
The question of the compulsory purchase of development land has been raised by Minister Noel Ahern and a new ?use it or lose it? policy of land acquisition at existing use plus 25% value has been suggested.
Clearly, the time has now come to address the core issues of land ownership, review initiatives abroad and suggest workable tax and other mechanisms to deliver social cohesion and sustainable development in Ireland. It is against this background, and with these aims in mind, that Feasta and the Henry George Foundation are holding the Land: The Claim of the Community conference at the Tara Towers Hotel, Booterstown, Dublin on 9th and 10th October 2003.

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