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Publicēts: 28.05.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The results found that anonymous delivery of the soda was almost 50-50, however, when participant is given some knowledge of the variable, in this case Pepsi or Coke, the results lean in favor of Coke.
As was mentioned earlier, media may also play a part in this. Mediating variables are psychological processes that mediate the effects of a situational variable on a particular response. (Cozby 2004) These processes may have something to do with the millions of dollars of media exposure paid by both companies. Seeing and hearing those commercials everyday, may somehow manifest themselves in situations we may not realize. Our subconscious is a powerful tool that is used, at times without our true knowledge of it. The advertisers of Coke and Pepsi know this, which is why we are able to sing along with all the words to some of these commercials that are over thirty years old. My purchase of Coke or Pepsi is driven solely by the large yellow banner that says "On Sale", yet for others it may be that they prefer one brand to the other. Whether it is taste, sight, can design or simply we like the commercials, we all have our own reasons, and surely we don't need market research to tell us that.

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