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The Long View of 100 Years: The Centennial Celebration of Longview, Texas
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Publicēts: 06.04.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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As shown in its celebration of Centennial Week, Longview did conform to many stereotypes of small communities in the South in 1970. Citizens celebrated their historic past, found meaning through volunteer organizations and clubs, and saw religion as crucial to the integrity of their community. Longview citizens were also proud of their individuality as a community. While many small towns in similar situations had their economic and cultural bases in farming or trade, Longview's identity came from its foundation in industry. Much has changed in the community since 1970. Longview has continued to grow, now boasting almost 80,000 residents, two Walmarts, and innumerable Tex-Mex restaurants. However, Longview's technical character is still foundational, though it may be more obscured by the trappings of modern life. LeTourneau University, with its technical and mechanical emphases, has helped to shape and reflect the character of the city. Industries like Texas Eastman and LeTourneau, Inc. are still major employers. Most Longview citizens even today would probably to recognize the key role that industry has played in their lives and thus celebrate their uniqueness.…

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