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Publicēts: 01.05.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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According to the Robert Dictionary, dance is "an expressive series of movements of the body executed according to a rhythm, and most often to the sound of music, and following an art, a technique or a social code which is more or less explicit". Dance is a big deal to many if not all African tribes. Most Africans dance because it gives them a sense of freedom and awareness. One dance usually associated with the Fulani is called the Takai Dance. This is an all boy event. It is popular Hausa-Fulani dance, although it is widely practiced and copied over here in the United States. It involves he use of feet, drum or kalangu, and the dancers mainly young people move in close turns and whirls while singing. This dance is often performed after harvest and other occasions. Another dance that is popular with the Fulani is the Fulani Chant (shown below). Here are the steps to follow to perform it. They also believe that pregnant mothers should dance. They say that a baby shares all the movements of the mother while she is pregnant. They say if you do this then when the baby is born then it will have an understanding and feeling for the music and tradition of dance in its culture.…

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