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  • The Failure of My School, Intenational School of Geneva to Promote Multiculturism and Its All-round Shortcomings in Every Aspect of Education

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    Eseja2 Pedagoģija, Vēsture, kultūra

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Publicēts: 22.05.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Now let me tell you this is what a black student told me. According to him, he accused Mr. B of being racist and against his own people but the truth is quite different from the way I see it. According to me Mr. B was a realist. He knows perfectly well that there is a difference between people and people, between Whites and Blacks and he was preparing the students for the life ahead. The world is not an equal place and that is exactly the way it treats different people. In a white dominated society the 'Rule of Law' and Constituton are subject to severe abridgements and personal opinions. That is why it is a well proven fact that for the same crimes a black is generally given a more lengthier prison sentence or fined more heavily than a white counterpart. And I am only talking of convictions here, If the history of all alleged cases be disclosed then I would probably run out of space but the atrocities will keep on increasing. The only way to survive is to never do any wrong, Because the world looks at Different things, Very differently.…

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