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Publicēts: 06.10.2010.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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The speaker's heartening words about the feat of arms of the Red Army, Soviet Navy and Air Force, about inevitability of victory of the Soviet Union, favours the rising of the self-appraisal of each Soviet person. In the speech Molotov compares Hitler to Napoleon and states that the latter suffered his defeat and met his doom which was a desert of “our people”, and the next sentence expresses firm confidence that it will happen the same with Hitler. Such simile again convinces Soviet people of their superiority over the enemy. The speaker in his appeal marks out the concrete categories of Soviet people, in order to personify his speech, make it closer to every concrete individual: “the whole population of our country, all workers, peasants, intellectuals [...]”. The categories used in the enumeration are close to every citizen of the Soviet Union, each inhabitant associated himself either with worker, or with peasant, or with intellectual. That is why such form of address allowed appealing to each person separately. All the devices mentioned helped to form high emotional spirit of the audience which together with the feeling of superiority helped the Soviet Government to achieve the necessary effect.…

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