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  • Reflections on MSN - a Rational Thought Exercise Covering Philosophical Topics and Concepts


    Eseja17 Filosofija

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Publicēts: 24.11.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Peresephalus the Enlightened says:
Yes, I like it. But I have one qualm about the latter theory. Presumably at one time this infinity of universes was the same. There has to be such a point and it would presumably be at the creation of each universe. And the big bang, or whatever, would have to be the same occurrence in each of the universes; they couldn't all have different big bangs, it wouldn't work. So, what is to say that the infinity of universes will each be different from then on? Say if I had ten identical glass cases of water and lining the bottom of each container was a layer of sand that was exactly the same in configuration and the position of each grain. The water temperature, amount and everything about each case is the same. These are our identical universes. Say I take ten pebbles which are equally identical, I place one over each container at the same height and let them drop into the water at the same time. These are our 'big bangs'. Would not the particles of sand raised in the containers by each pebble fall in exactly the same manner, in the same amount and to the same positions in each container? So, is it not more likely that your infinite amount of universes are all the same?
- THe SuCk UPs - David Blaine {he's in a box} says:
A bit inconsequential though. To the original subject. Don't know if I'm out of line...

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