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Publicēts: 31.10.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
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It is interesting to notice that the majority of clients asking for spots are the newer clients with less experience. Their lack of experience is partly the reason why they ask for so many spots. They need someone to make sure they perform the movements correctly and help them find the proper weight to use. Most of these have only been members for a short time and therefore do not have many friends there that could otherwise spot them. The more experienced, long-time, muscle-bound clients generally have their own circle of friends that exercise together and spot each other. Perhaps a solution lies in getting some of the newer ones to get spots from more experienced members.
The trainers, who are friends with many of the regulars, could try introducing them to some of the newer ones. By encouraging friendliness between members, maybe they can help each other therefore reducing that overwhelming need for spots during midday. New members who get to know the more experienced ones will benefit not only from their spots but also from their knowledge and tips and might be more likely to help other new ones in the future. This will also add to the pleasant atmosphere at the gym making it more appealing to exercise and attracting more people to join.

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