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Positive Experiences in Daugavpils Psycho-Neurological Hospital
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Publicēts: 19.01.2015.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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The patient is not discharged from the hospital anstantly. Usually,after a month in hospital the patient is being let home for a week,after which he/she must see the doctor. So it goes on for 2-4 weeks. This periodi s nicknamed „the vacation” by the patients.
The adaptation to the normal enviroment is usually accompanied by depressive states, therefore it is very good to have the doctor’s supervision during this period.
This is a description of the „DPNS” hospital from the viewpoint of a patient. The article describes the activities of one of the largest hospitals in Latvia.
The article was written as a reaction to Latvian Health Ministry’s informative report about the increasing numbers of patients with psychical illnesses since year 2007.
The numbers have increased dramatically in the years 2009-2010.
Latvia has the third highest suicide rate per 100 000 amongst the countries of EU.
Althought the Health Ministry mentions the lack of state provides medicaments as one of the causes for increasing numbers of patients,”DPNS” is visited by elderly more frequently for the availability of state provided medicine(ultrasonography,x-ray scanning,therapeuticist,EEG,etc.)
Thetreatment is free of charge which is important to most people in east region of Latvia.

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