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  • Politics. Political Socialization. Socioeconomic Status


    Eseja4 Politika

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Publicēts: 12.07.2021.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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The choice of political preferences is also determined by various socio-economic aspects, which directly affects the results of voting. It is easy to guess that the socio-economic aspects are understood as the social position of a person in society, as well as his income. There is no doubt that a businessman with a high income will vote for a party that insists on the inviolability of private property and the protection of any private interests. While a worker with a small salary will vote for a party that supports the redistribution of resources within society depending on its needs. However, there will always be another "third" person whose socio-economic status is located in the middle, which will inevitably lead him to think about the need to vote for a particular political party, whose positions are categorically different in social or economic issues.
At the end of the work, it is important to emphasize that all issues related to political socialization, society and politics as such, have always been and will be the subject of disputes in matters of their formation and influence on individuals. It is important to understand that the set of political beliefs and values that affect the perception/implementation of politics/voting of individuals is formed by many factors and is a multidimensional system that affects the individual every second of his life. This order of things, as already mentioned, is connected with the peculiarities of the development of the capitalist system, society, and the nature of human as a whole, who lives and functions within the society, which, in turn, forms a political structure - the state. It is the state that ultimately forms the prerequisites for the process of political socialization, with all the variables that follow from it.

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