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Publicēts: 13.04.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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When we compare with Christensen's model (1990), interpreting is the "attempt made by the nurse to attach meaning to the status of the patient and the situation" (pg. 42). Including observing, monitoring, analysing, translating, conceptualising, synthesising and decision-making. When assessing the patient and collecting data, nurses should recognise the social issues and cultural needs of the patient in order to provide treatment that are suitable for them. Moreover, as Christensen stated that the intentional presence of the nurse is essential for coming to know and understand what it means to be human and humans in relationship or partnership. This knowledge provides the basis for the mutual selection of interventions that can promote health and self-determination.
That is the essence of partnership is engaging the person in the process of their journey from the time they face the problem and come in to hospital until they go home. Partnership includes intimacy, trust, and authenticity. Furthermore, commitment, responsibility and accountability, which are the nature of nursing which Christensen identifies. Not only that, caring takes place within the context of a therapeutic relationship and is considered a moral vital of nursing.
According to Henderson's definition of nursing "I say that the nurse does for others what they would do for themselves if they had the strength, the will and knowledge. But I go on to say that the nurse makes the patient independent of him or her as soon as possible". "Nurse serves to make patient "complete, whole" or independent" (Cited in USA Nursing Knowledge Consensus Conference, 1998).

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