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  • "Necessity Is the Mother of Invention". Evaluate This Statement in Relation to Scientific and Technological Experimentation


    Eseja7 Vēsture, kultūra

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Publicēts: 16.05.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The Limitations of research
This research limited by certain factors. The research was limited by some limitations of the topic. The personal factor was caused by the research topic is not directly related to the past experience and educational background but mostly related to the philosophical area which is not computer study. This caused the lack of some specific or direct information that could help analyze the topic more efficiency. Another reason is the topic question is some kind of question that can answer in two ways that people could agree and disagree depends one the personal opinion so that the degree of the answer to the question is not strong enough. This caused some part of the argument easy to be counter by some situation in both side of agree and disagree.
The suggestions for future study
The problems of limitation of research need some suggestions to be made for future study. Firstly to solve the problem of lacking in specific education background, this research needs the specific education of philosophy and psychology to help provide more specific and strong supported information for the term of human necessity. This can help to improve the supported argument of the essay to become more reliable. This future study can do by focus on the continuous of inventions in each area in term of psychology, which will be very helpful in this research. The research doesn't need to find out the started point or the first creation of the invention because this essay was only focusing in present invention. …

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