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Most Important Economic/Politic Culture Issues as Covered by "The Baltic Times"
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Publicēts: 21.04.2009.
Valoda: Latviešu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Laikposms: 2008.g. - 2010.g.
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In my opinion the most important economic issues as covered by “The Baltic Times” (hereafter TBT) are because of current economic crisis: corruption evolve in 2009, the value-added tax (hereafter VAT) rate increase, Latvia loan from International Money Fund (hereafter IMF), unemployment rates increasing on Baltic States, and Riga Airport development.
Corruption in Latvians unlikely to decline in 2009, but it will become different, according to the deputy head of the anti- corruption bureau. Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) predict that current tough economic times will change the face of corruption with bribe takers expected to take a direct hit. Corrupt officials and bribe givers are expected to develop sophisticated bribery schemes and involve more mediators in a bid to avoid detection from authorities. Although austerity measures have forced authorities to scrap many purchases, high corruption risks can still be expected in public procurements, as competition increases. According to deputy head of the KNAB, Juta Strike has told Baltic News Service, she hopes that people will become more active, and they will have more time to act in case something happens. Inhabitants will be less tolerant to injustice, so KNAB believe that they will become less tolerant to corruption.
As of January 1 this year, the regular VAT rate in Latvia rose to 21 percent, up from the previous 18 percent and the reduced VAT rate has also increased from 5 to 10 percent, this is mostly by economic crisis. In addition is planned that a 10 percent tax on all capital gains- interest, dividends, royalties, rent, as well as profit from share and property deals. Also starting 2010, property taxes, which are currently lower than average property taxes in the Organization for economic Cooperation and Development member states, will be increased.…

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