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Publicēts: 01.12.1996.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
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Mein Kampf Volume 2 obviously gives further insight into Hitler's thinking and of course an indication of the direction he would like both his party and Germany to head. It is his sincere desire at this point to pervade the minds of the German people with his profound and abstract ideological philosophy that is based on his view of nationalism, which in turn is based on the need for racial sovereignty. Thus this philosophy is based on creating a one-race Germany that is independent of all races and to leave with the Reich the responsibility of its promotion and preservation. Furthermore he indicates that those who are not of the Hitler defined German Aryan race or those that are deemed unfit or nuisances to the health and well being of this race will be eradicated, which falls in line with his philosophy of cleaning the slate before fully instituting new ideals. He further claims that this ideological philosophy will become sacred to the hearts of the German people so much so, they will be willing to fight and die for its preservation. He fully indicates that the remaining part of humanity outside of the German race shall not be an obstacle in weeding out the undesirables from the German populace nor will it be a roadblock in the mission to acquire more land resources needed for the preservation of his Reich.
He is furthermore adamant about creating an economically independent Germany through the acquisition of more land resources, reorganization of the nation's trade unions to benefit the working class, and by ceasing all monetary payments to foreign countries including those demanded by the Treaty of Versailles. He speaks of military might and its importance to the defense and the preservation of the Reich and thus the people contained therein and furthermore, gives every indication of using that military might to not only acquire the land resources needed for his people but to also expand the boundaries of Germany in order to make her less vulnerable to military attacks. The areas of Europe Hitler states in this volume that Germany should concentrate on are located in the Eastern part of the continent, specifically Poland and Russia, although during the time this book was written the military that Hitler would eventually use for this purpose was being secretly built on Russian soil. He planned to attack those nations with high concentrations of ethnic Germans that he felt should be part of the Reich without considering the cost of human life, which is in keeping with his view of nationalism that states All Germans under one Reich. Hitler planned to use every resource at his disposal to fulfill the ends mandated by this profound revolutionary ideology, which was based on his view of nationalism without the slightest regard for human life, thus in essence it truly could be called a Revolution of Ideological Inhumanity.

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