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Lyme Disease
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Publicēts: 26.01.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The symptoms of Lyme disease are not very detectable unless one knows what they are looking for. The early symptoms are often flu-like with a fever, headache, stiff neck, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue, also a rash may appear. The rash is red, circular, smooth, and expands over time. It resembles a bull's eye. However, the rash is painless, does not itch, and often disappears on its own so it goes untreated. If the early symptoms go detected then it can lead to chronic problems affecting the heart and can cause neurological disorders. The bacteria that is released in the bloodstream, Borrelia, allows immune cells to attack components of the body and divide rapidly, increase the number, and affect the immune system to go against the person. Lyme disease is not deadly. It can cause some discomfort because it can lead to arthritic pains in half the cases, peripheral central nervous system damage in fifteen percent of cases, and a disruption in heart rhythm in eight percent of the cases.…

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