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Publicēts: 29.05.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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3. Democratic manager: makes decisions by team discussion and decision making. The leader still has control of the group. "A good democratic leader encourages participation and delegates wisely, but never loses sight of the fact that he bears the crucial responsibility of leadership. He motivates his team by empowering them to direct themselves, and guides" (McNamara, 1999).
In conclusion, this simulation provided situational problems that may occur in the business environment. This is quite different than the healthcare environment that one is accustomed to managing. Although the environments are different, there are applications that work for either situation. Leadership styles can be used in any area that people are managed by another person. The ability to work through the simulation provided an opportunity to use the three leadership styles and visualize the results from the team. The knowledge gained from the exercise will assist in managing the clinical and non-clinical staff. There will be opportunities that require utilization of the democratic leadership such as staff scheduling, uniform selection, and equipment selection. While other projects will require that the autocratic leadership style is employed, such as policy development, corrective action, and regulatory compliance. The simulation assisted in understanding that leadership has to be flexible enough to know which style is best for the situation that is present. The mark of an effective leader is the ability to determine which style is the most appropriate to facilitate the required change.

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