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Publicēts: 04.06.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Are Gray Wolves Becoming a Problem in the U.S.
The gray wolf once on the edge of extinction in the U.S. is now populated enough to lower the animal's level of federal protection in certain areas. Once upon a time the gray wolf was pushed near extinction by farmers, hunters, trappers and settlers putting it on the endangered species list. Now the gray wolf can be lifted from the endangered species list and put in the category of threatened thanks to the wolf recovery programs in Idaho, Montana, and Yellowstone national park. In some areas, they have been opened to a hunting season due to their abundance. However this has caused problems in the economy with farmers, hunters, animal rights activist, and the fish and wildlife services. My opinion in the situation is that I think it's great they are relocating wolves into their old native environment, but if the numbers of wolves becomes to high they be permitted to hunt instead of paying tax dollars for the government to hire sharp shooters to keep the numbers down, to have the males or females tranquilized and
neutered or spade, or have them relocated to areas that within a few months would return to their old territory, unless of course you shipped them to a different continent which would be quite costly.

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