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Publicēts: 13.04.2020.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 20 vienības
Atsauces: Nav
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Part A    3
1.A.  Graduate job market    3
2.A.  Skills employers are looking for    4
3.A.  International experience    5
  Part B    6
1B.  My intended career path    6
2B.  Porsche    6
3B.  Networking    7
4B.  Strengths and weaknesses    8
  References    10
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To conclude, I should improve my emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills. One of the ways how I can improve emotional intelligence is by setting out SMART goals (Yeung, 2009).In other words, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. My specific goal is to become entertainment manager in one of the luxurious resorts in Greece. Measurable goal is to get promotion, which would increase my salary by 10%. Achievable goal is to send my CV and connect with people from Ellen the Generes show via LinkedIn. My realistic goal is to move to different country on even continent to have a job I love. Timed goal is to have my own talk show in 12 years of time from now. Problem-solving is identified as one of the key skills employers want in graduates (Crossman & Clarke, 2009). Problem-solving can be improved by by following acronym IDEAL that stands for identifying goals, defining goals, exploring possible strategies, anticipating outcomes and learning. Firstly, I am planning to identify problem at its root rather than just trying to solve when it becomes major. Thus, enhances creativity. Next by defining goals, which is the first step of finding a solution of a problem. Furthermore, exploring possible strategies. In many occasion’s problems are complex that require smart strategies. Examples include building scale models and performing experiments. Final steps are anticipating outcomes and reflecting (Proctor, 2018). My strengths I can develop more by challenging myself. I believe I improved my communication in the past because I was either traveling or working abroad. It helped me to stay motivated. Some of the jobs I had previously in some what way demanded great communication skills if I wanted to do my job well. Thus, I can challenge myself by applying to study abroad. Especially, if I want to work in the future within the tourism and events industry, where communication is the key.

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