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Publicēts: 22.01.2016.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
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Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Finally, I would like to say that this novel is a great example of godless community. All characters are victims of a society where evil rules the world. There is no any point in describing every individual, because all of them are driven by the worship of wealth, rank, power, and class and are corrupted by them. Everyone is selfish in varying degrees. The selfishness of characters like Becky, Jos Sedley, and Lord Steyne is obvious; however, even apparently selfless characters like Amelia, Dobbin, and Lady Jane are selfish, though to a much lesser degree. Almost every character lives with some or the other vanity, external or internal, physical or psychological, driving the entire bourgeoisie reality. I think that it is very actual nowadays. Everyone can find himself in this work. In his texts the author does not give evaluations to his characters. He neither praises them, nor punishes. This is the responsibility of the reader to learn a moral lesson and at the same time Thackeray wants to stay a realistic observer of the situation to the very end of the narration. This is the book with the open end, however there are some hints for situation but these hints should not be considered as the logical endings. The characters are simply continuing to live their lives. They learn nothing from their previous lives.…

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