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Publicēts: 24.04.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Some of us can find a job easily, but some meets a lot of difficulties on the way to find a job. I’ll try to explain why it’s so.
There are a lot of requirements you must respond to be the best for an employer. Here are some of them:
- the experience of the concrete job and the experience in the whole working life;
- the quality of the doing job;
- age;
- sex;
- education;
- health;
- amount of money you want to earn;
- it’s may be a little bit strange, but even nationality.
All these things are the whole and its completeness in ideal for the different kinds of job, mostly – employers, is the best for every potential employee.
Let’s start discuss the ageism problem. For example you can become a ship captain not earlier you are forty or you probably won’t find a secretary place if you are older than forty. These two examples are clear because for becoming a captain you must go through the real course of the life in the see and that takes a lot of years. Concerning a secretary – there are two qualifications of secretary, I mean ether employer wants a secretary-waitress or real office lady. If employer wants a secretary-waitress she may be only pretty and young. But if employer needs an real office lady for keeping in order an control whole his business it doesn’t matter how old or how young secretary is, the most important – the concrete job experience and quality.
But if we are talking about ageism problem in generous than it’s very difficult to find almost any kind of job if you are very young or very old. The golden middle for becoming an employee is approximately from twenty till forty. If you’re in this golden middle it’s ok but not enough.
This isn’t a problem for older people to work in civil countries – most of them doesn’t have to work at all because government and society pays them enough for having a rest after their labour life, but Latvian pensioners cannot allow such kind of pastime.

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