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Publicēts: 21.05.2014.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The most fascinating genre of presentation Russia is cinema. To get a description of Russia and Russians is possible from 20th century films. This century was full of great film directors’ work, actors and actresses.
The main aim of a film was to introduce people with a real life and real feelings. Some film directors tried to present true life in reality, in a society which was filled by political and economical problems, hard relations between Russia and America; however some directors of films wanted to describe personal relations, descriptions of a man and a woman, show real people with real behaviour.
Everybody has got a favourite film and me too. I prefer Russian films and especially films about love, history, art and life of famous people. In my opinion westerns, horror films and thrillers give for a person nothing, except negative emotions and stress.
The film that I would like to present was directed in 1997 by Vladimir Menshov. He is a famous Russian director not only in Russia, but in the world too.
The title of the film is “Moscow does not believe in tears.” I have seen this film several times and every time I have found something new, interesting and powerful. The film collected many famous Russian actors and actresses: Vera Alentova, Irina Muravjova, Aleksey Batalov, Oleg Tabakov, Sergey Nikitin and others. The genre of the film is a love story.
The main plot of this film is based on describing different people life through years. The story shows the life of three girls, who came to Moscow with a hope to find a good job and happiness. Women want to be happy and try to find men, who will love them, help them and support them. Each of three girls believes in love, but their descriptions of happiness are very different. One of girls would like to find a rich and powerful man, the second one is happy with a simple man and loves him and their parents, but the third girl tries to find her love and her man through years. She is a very strong, ambitious and powerful woman at work, but at home she wants to have a man, who will love her, but not her money or position in a society.
The film finishes with a happy end, when the main heroes feel in love with each other.
I would thoroughly recommend this film to anyone, who loves stories about happiness, great feelings between a man and a woman. This film is magnificent, enjoyable with good quality music and effects. Mysterious elements of happy life will help you to think about Russians life in a positive way.

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