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Publicēts: 22.07.2006.
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Observing his facial expressions I could see he was hungry and opened his mouth widely when he required another spoonful which gave me a cue to feed him. When assisting client-x with drinking, I had to ensure I only allowed him to take small sips as this can cause him to choke.
After feeding him 8 spoonfuls he was becoming agitated and moved his head left to right to refuse food. I stop feeding him and encouraged him to eat by communicating with him and explaining the importance of eating. This in turn led him to finish his meal.
Feeding client-x was an extremely important procedure as he came into the nursing home 6 months ago weighing 65.8 kg and currently weighed 56.5 kg. This sudden lose in weight meant extra attention and encouragement had to be given to ensure he eats fully.
Throughout this procedure I gave him encouragement by talking with him while he was eating and asking him whether he wanted to drink. Cerebral palsy can make it very difficult for an individual to chew and swallow (Miller 2003) which maybe one the reasons to his weight loss.

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