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Publicēts: 18.04.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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Today I m going to talk about my 4 day familiarization trip to China. I get to Hong Kong by plane and in the airport I met person from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong and was transferred to this 4 star hotel, which is situated in Hong Kong Island. Rooms were well equipped- with air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, in room safe, internet access and other. Hotel was really impressive providing all necessary facilities- fitness centre, money exchange, Laundry service, restaurant, 24 hour room service, sauna, swimming pool, night club and beauty salon. There are also rooms that are available for nonsmokers and disabled people.
Located by the ocean, Hong Kong's climate is a sub-tropical. Both spring and autumn are sunny and comfortable; with average temperature about 23C. Summer with an average temperature of 28C is sweltering and humid. Winter is dry and cool, with an average temperature of 17C. So in the summer and winter, Hong Kong is respectively neither, too hot or too cold. This makes Hong Kong a year round travel destination. Of course, ideally speaking, spring and autumn are the best time for a visit.
In first 2 days I explored Hong Kong by visiting many exciting and marvelous sights. The first day I went by shuttle bus to Ocean Park, which is the largest leisure paradise in Southeast Asia, and one of the largest marine parks in the world. Covering a total area of over 200 acres, the park was built on both sides of the mountain. There are over 40 major attractions in this park. Atoll Reef, the most popular attraction of Marine Land, provides a chance to view more than 2,000 fish. There are 250 species of fish; including an 80 year old, 6 foot long Giant Grouper.…

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