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Publicēts: 25.11.2014.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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Darba fragmentsAizvērt

There are contradictions because the author also stated, you should know the one you love. The same was about love of God. We also do not know him, as stated in the book. I would not say that I will not change anything in my life after this book. I respect others and I can help if it is needed. But if my boss would make me angry, I simply can change my mind about loving him. What only I can, try to understand those people who I do not love, and maybe that is the first step. But I do not have time to love. How can I love all those people on the street walking around me?
To conclude, the entire book examines very important problems in these days. But in these 60 years from this books release so many quotations from it have become very well-known and heard. The majority of it I have heard and read somewhere else. Half century ago this book maybe was shocking, but in these days it is nothing new. There are many articles about love- how to love, how to understand beloved etc. Love is love. People can watch at sky and think about it from the scientist point, or just look at it from the point of art- how beautifully colours fuse, the whole picture of it. This is what the title of books suggests “Art of love”. It is art, not science. Artists draw, sing or write according to their feelings. And any kind of art should be simply felt. Love and art is the act of giving. Giving what is beautiful inside one’s heart.

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