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Effects of Divorce on Children
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Publicēts: 04.07.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The children's reaction and how well they learn to cope with the divorce will depend on the skills they have developed, their histories, their individual temperaments, and their current situation (www.timetoparent.com-/module/general/aricles/divorceandchildren/dc8.aspx). The children's reply to their parent's restructuring of their family may be similar to those of other children their age, but will also be very unique. Every child will be effected in his or her own way.
Children will react differently in each stage of development. This is because they will understand their situation and the world differently as they gain more and more experience. Also, as they enter each new stage, they may want to re-discuss the family situation all over again. Parents may sometimes find this upsetting, but they need to remember that it is important for each child to figure out how the situation will now effect them as they are getting older. If parents can recognize what stage of development their child is in, many of the reactions are predictable. Parents then can use their understandings of each child's needs and may be able to prevent some of the distress for themselves and the child.

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