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Publicēts: 27.04.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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6) Enhance customer support services. Since successful customer support and communications are crucial to Dell's success, it is important that Dell keeps enough well-trained people on the phones and on the Internet for customer support. Based on the results of some surveys that say that Dell might be losing customers because of actual or perceived decrease in support, Dell should do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether they should invest in more people who can answer technical questions & support customers with their problems and needs. In addition to more people, they should review their service support training and quality control procedures. This is an area where possible over-staffing might be worth the additional costs. Like many companies, Dell has taken advantage of the cheaper labor in other countries by routing most of its technical support calls from the US to headquarters in India. The only problem with this was that "Corporate customers were telling us they didn't like the level of support they were getting, and in the normal course of business, we made some adjustments (Brewin, 2003)," according to Jon Weisbatt, the company spokesman. As a result of prior experience with Indian support staff, they need to either train Indian support staff more effectively so they can take advantage of the cheaper labor in India or keep support staff here in the US.
7) Increase Company recognition through a national advertising campaign. In order to keep the name Dell out in the market, it may be helpful for Dell to consider a national advertising campaign to increase Dell's visibility. …

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