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Publicēts: 22.03.2013.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Nav
Laikposms: 2009.g. - 2012.g.
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Conclusion: example in Latvia it is prohibited to buy an alcohol from 10pm till 8am but in England you can buy alcohol any time. Before we have the same praxis as in England but we look how it is in France and decide that we do the same and maybe this is better because people are restricted and maybe it deters people from drinking and also it is good because you cannot buy alcohol any way because all shops are closed, if you want you can do this before. Why some people have to work at the night time instead of sleeping just for selling alcohol. Yes this is very profitable business but maybe it deters people from drinking. Every country has different rules because every country has different agenda. And law which is in force in Latvia cannot be in force in Greece because in Latvia we have snow around 6 months in a year but in Greece snow is just in mountains. So in winter time there is obligation to change tires but in Greece and also in Islamic countries it never happens. These comparisons is not really concern to cultural relativism but it shows that countries are very different and even the climate can affect the religion and culture and politic and religious views of people. But I agree that we have to learn only the positive things from different countries because it is like the experienced and smarter teaches youngest. There are some small things which for example Latvia has to change in their country and government has to understand that some countries are better in something. But lot of countries are not as smart because as I already mentioned Latvia penetrate in country radars but don’t know how to really work with them so it fails and they lost money and have to return to old system. And it happens with a countries or people which don’t know how to apply and work with something new which comes from different cultures it means they don’t need it like no one needs cultural relativism because everyone already has “everything” what they need. And as we see politics, religion, ethical, aesthetic in every country is very different so cultural relativism doesn’t exist. …

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