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Publicēts: 01.09.2003.
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Unfortunately, those who have not recognized these unique situations are scrambling for talent, stuck maybe, with a workforce of soon to be retired employees with little experience ready to back them up. However companies that have recognized this are educating their workforce, offering programmes that help develop talent that can work together, sharing knowledge learned from experience and past mistakes, to helping all share the new technology that our younger workforce brings with them.
Finally many businesses benefit enormously from the diversity and variety of their workforce. The richer the mix of people, skills and cultures in a company, the greater the range of inputs, viewpoints and experiences. These inputs in turn generate more ideas, more challenges to traditional thinking, and more angles from which to approach any problem. And, as a result, there is a greater likelihood of coming up with winning solutions. To quote Tony Blair: " I sincerely believe that we must work towards the removal of all barriers that prevent people from achieving their full potential and in this way build societies which represent and value diversity. This will be one of our biggest challenges in the new Millennium."

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