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Consolidated Transition Plan
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Publicēts: 01.12.1996.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Controlled Task Department (CTD) consolidates clerical, maintenance, and customer service departments under the Director of CTD. The Director of CTD will be responsible for greater supervision and guidance. Directive leadership will be implemented in this department. Great control of scheduling and tasks will be combined with increased guidance and assistance. Overseeing resolution of conflict and continuing clarification of the employee's duties will be the responsibility of the Director of CTD. Complete integration should occur by October 2007
Attainment Task Department (ATD) consolidates sales and operational support departments including human resources, under the Director of ATD. The Director of ATD will allow a degree of flexibility to obtain maximum performance for this department directly and consequently, for other departments indirectly. Achievement-oriented leadership is required for this department due to the intense demands on performance and goal setting requirements. Leadership focus will be on both the demonstrated behaviors conducive to success and the objective measurement of results. High levels of motivation and effort will be demanded of the Director of ATD. Final consolidation is tentatively scheduled for June 2004.
In addition to the program consolidations described above M. I. 3754, also amended current corporate policy to further clarify ATD duty to centrally provide administrative support services to all departments. Because certain administrative services (e.g., human resources and procurement) will play an essential role in the agency structural consolidations described below and because significant cost savings are projected as a result of administrative services consolidation, ATD has already begun the consolidation of oversight for staff and budgets of selected administrative services. Administrative services consolidations (i.e., integration) will be completed by April 2004.

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