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  • Challenging Topgrading Concepts of Maximizing Human Resources and Reduces Cost


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Publicēts: 25.04.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Topgrade impacts nations at the socio-economic level. These, and amongst the many other reasons are perhaps why Topgrade initiatives are not taken up at a global scale.
Topgrade is an effective restructuring program that targets at maximizing human resource and reducing cost by employing the best talent. Organizations must provide the environment together with individual's talent to drive performance. Talent level must be considered alongside trends and technological changes to prevent mishires.
Comparing Topgrade with existing HR practices, CIDS model is effective in recruitment and selection of good hires whilst driving training and development cost down. Training and development are key to strategic management and relies on accurate feedback from performance appraisal. Topgrade requires careful attention to labor relations, as it is prone to litigation from unfair dismissals. Topgrade justifies meeting its objectives based on higher performance and contribution levels. Unfortunately maximization could be null when talent leaves from poor pay and benefits packages that fails to motivate.
Several issues are raised in its application and arguments laid to effect individuals, organization, and national interest. Topgrade effects organizations by being mechanistic and rigid in its application to succeed in a turbulent environment at the cost of future business dealings. Disadvantages also include pitfalls to micro management; related moral issues that damages organization's reputation, in lieu of added profit.
Topgrade is more apparent in monopolistic competition involving industrial leaders. …

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