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Causes of Crop Circles
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Publicēts: 14.07.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The undamaged crops are important evidence because the simple act of walking around within fields of corn leaves obvious damage to the plants. Biological changes, which would be an impossible technique to recreate by humans, have also been discovered among plants in crop circles. ?The internal structure of the plants is changed at the cellular level, and that the cell pit walls within the structure of the plants are fractured and have expanded? (Andrews 51). Nodal expansions in the crops are also much greater than nodes on regular crops: ?The most consistent alteration in cereal crop formations takes place within anatomical structures known as stem pulvini or growth nodes. In the majority of cases, the nodes on the formation plants are expanded relative to the normal? (Levengood and Talbott, 3). Since humans cannot possible cause biological changes inside plants, this is undeniable proof that authentic crop circles are created by extraterrestrial beings.
Field formations made by aliens may be a way of communication with humans. They may also be markings of alien space ships if they land on the Earth, or electric fields given off by the ship. ?There have been a number of reports of apparently structured craft seen hovering over fields where circles are subsequently found? (Thomas 143). Crop circles could be aliens attempting contact with inhabitants of the Earth.…

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