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Catalase Investigation
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Publicēts: 01.12.1996.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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I believe that my results and findings were successful but there could have been many other measures that I could of taken to ensure a greater reliability of my results. These are:
·Using a thermometer to measure the temperatures of the solutions - this has a lot of significance to the experiment because if the temperature was different when the reactions were taking place this may have had great impact on the results. This is because if the temperature was higher in the 4.0 % amylase solution the molecule would have moved faster due to an increase in kinetic energy and would have come into contact with the starch molecules more often. This may explain why 4.0% of amylase solution had a faster rate of reaction. Using a thermometer would have enabled us to keep the temperature constant throughout the experiment to ensure a fair test.
·Shaken the solutions for an equal amount of time - if I shook one solution more than the another other solutions this may have caused that solution to have a faster rate of reaction due to an increase in movement of the amylase and starch molecules.
·Repeat the experiment more than once - this would have ensured greater reliability and precision of my results as some of the outcomes may have been by luck.

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