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Caribbean Community and Common Market
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Publicēts: 18.04.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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CARICOM is important in both political and economic arenas of international relations. The general trend in the world economy seems to be that those nations which are already financially advantaged stay head and shoulders ahead of those that are not so fortunate. The more advantaged countries leverage this advantage into the utilization of new technologies in particular. This ability keeps the already rich countries rich and keeps the more technologically and financially challenged countries wafting along in the wake.
This trend of more-developed dominating over lesser-developed often translates to countries like the United States dominating over companies like the Caribbean countries. This results in a dominance of global products from both a technological standpoint and a cultural standpoint. This has a tremendous impact on the culture and economy of third world countries. Not only are the marketplaces of the third world countries flooded with U.S. goods and products, they are often dwarfed in their efforts to get their own products and goods out and into the global marketplace.
Many countries all over the world are beginning to fight back against the Westernization of their cultures and marketplaces. They too are beginning to capitalize on the advantages of new technologies. Third world countries and businesses are beginning to form their own places in the global economy through the utilization of these technologies. Eventually as more and more small representatives join in the technological revolution it will become even more so of a worldwide revolution and will give these countries, businesses and individuals equal footing with larger Western corporations and representatives. For the Caribbean countries and islands CARICOM is a start in this direction.

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