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Publicēts: 13.12.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In the case of Boots the Chemist, the functions change their objectives slightly, depending on the objective in hand. For the first objective in which Boots the Chemist aim to make everyone think of them when they are looking into to buy beauty and healthcare products. The finance department helps to meet this objective by allocating budgets of varying magnitudes to the departments., depending on their involvement in meeting the objective. For this objective, the marketing department would be allocated a large budget in comparison to, say, the production department. An example of the involvements of the different areas is as follows... for an objective to be met, the beauty and healthcare range needs to be strongly advertised. The marketing department would also require a large budget to produce good market research, which would provide the direction of the advertisement, for example who is the target audience? The research and development area requires substantial funds to improve products so that they are the best on the market to emphasise the link between cosmetics and Boots the Chemist. The Human Resource department would supply the shop floors with staff knowledge of the products they sell in order to inform and provide the customers with maximum confidence in the products they are buying. The staff will also be trained to deal with people appropriately and politely to establish a high referential status. The administration department would do all the general office jobs for the other departments, so that the other departments don't get held back with endless letter writing and telephone answering.
The second objective of Boots the Chemist is to expand the store portfolio and experiment with format and layouts of the store, to deliver what consumers need, where and when they need it. …

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