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Publicēts: 01.12.1996.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In recent, most customers have grown to expect a higher degree of quality, defects are unacceptable. The company do aim for quality as an objective but it is not written in a statement on the annual report. As most banks would make you believe that they are the cheapest when it comes to credit card interest, so will Lloyds TSB. As I was interviewing the junior manager of the wood green branch he almost had me believing that his company were the dream company that I was looking for because of their newly developed interest rate on credit cards which was just 1.99%. But as I have asked 5 customers (5 old ladies) of the Lloyds TSB wood green branch, all the customers were excited about the new credit card rates that the branch was offering but were also worried about the future of the credit cards as these cards all had 12 month contracts and only after 2 months of using the credit card, the interest rates would go all the way to 18.9%, which to my eyes is a rip off.
The branch has a customer's complaint note book with which they ask the customers to fill in their complaints such as rude service or long queues, but I think that me and many other customers who have been in a queue for 20 minutes or longer just to see the receptionist would not queue again to report the discomfort we've had, due to their inefficient queuing system. I have spoken about that problem to the junior manager and he told me that it is the company's policy to have customers fill in complaint forms to report their discomfort and through that form that the branch manager can ask the head office for improvements to the branch or even allowing him to have a few extra cashiers more than the usual. As far as their queuing system is concerned 5 customers made no secrets about their feelings of the inefficiency of that system, but could only have respect for the accountants who are well skilled and are always at their best.

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