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  • Assess the Significance of the Battle of Britain in Turning the Tide of War against Germany in the Period to the End of 1942


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Publicēts: 19.05.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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This Battle could be seen as turning point in the war as it was the first successful land battle against the Germans causing them to retreat.
The Battle of Britain could also be seen as a significant point of the War, as this air battle prevented an invasion of the British Isles and possible occupation by the Nazis. It meant that the only remaining Allied force in 1940 was able to continue the fight against Germany. If Britain had not survived Operation Sealion, it is possible that the US may not have declared war on Germany and fought only the Japanese. Yet due to the persuasion of Churchill, fresh from an unsuccessful German attack, America chose to enter the war on behalf of Europe and was a resultant force in the defeat of Hitler. On the other hand it could be seen that the Battle of Britain was not a significant turning point, as the armed forces were unable to fight back and to begin to retake Europe. Additionally it could be argued that the Battle of El Alamein was one of the most considerable points of the war for turning the tide against Germany (as supported by Churchill), as it was the first major land defeat of the Enemy - from this point onwards the Allies were undefeated. I think that both events hold considerable significance in the war against Germany however, I believe that if the Germans had been successful in their attack on Britain it may have been possible for Hitler to occupy the British Isles, thus conceivably changing the outcome of World War Two.

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