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Airport Extension in the South East of England
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Publicēts: 10.05.2004.
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Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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All in all the issue of providing more capacity is a very difficult one to decide. If rising demand is not met, aviation and all its connected industries will suffer. Travelling will become much more expensive and less people will fly, there has to be a careful chosen balance of economic, environmental and social interests. If too much capacity will be provided the industry might get out of control and the impacts could be disastrous. If demand is not met the UK could suffer in a whole economically which would affect everyone. Wherever more capacity is built there will be impacts.
I personally think that the Cliffe site would be a good choice but not an ideal one. The safety and environmental issue are a serious concern. But I think inn the long term it would be the best option. Heathrow and the other options seem to be like dead ends,, there is too much local opposition and simply not enough room for more expansion in the future. Maybe a modified version of the Cliffe option would be best. My personal favourite would be a floating airport on the sea.

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